A second relocation

I’ve another new home! Please find me here


Lots of Dithering…

I would like to apologise for my lackluster attempts at keeping this blog going recently. There have been so many changes happening in my life, that I lost track of everything. Now, with less than five weeks left in this country, I’ve decided to redirect my focus and start afresh with a new theme.

You can find me here.

As of yet, there are no posts, but they will be arriving shortly and will be detailing my travel, my thoughts and any adventures I may happen to run into.

Thank you for sticking with me.

Now, I’m going on an adventure!


Live Long and Prosper.

What’s in a Name..?

Isn’t it the worst trying to come up with a name?

Everything requires naming these days, too. From our blogs, to our pen names, pet names, baby names, car names, email addresses, Twitter accounts, work name badges, gamer log-ins…

My friend and I have recently been discussing pen names. K T Grant is really just a slight twist on my actual name, which affords a little anonymity from the rest of the world, which is natural when you’re exposing things such as your innermost thoughts and feelings. It’s the reason that I chose to use it for this blog, and why I’ll continue to use it in the future.

But names are a big part of a writer’s world, and there’s always so much pressure in what each name means that it’s difficult to simply pluck a name out of the air and have it work for you. You want something punchy, something catchy, but is memorable and holds significance to what you’re doing and who you are. It’s probably unlikely that, should you choose to fall into chick lit, you’re going in with the name Uther Dragonheart, regardless of how cool it is. You’ll look at the other names out there, the slightly feminine, flirtatious or sensual connotations. Then you’ll look at how the rest of the world will relate to the name: will this translate into other languages? Will the audience looking at this think: yes, I can relate to this person, Miranda Summer seems like a real woman, who loves real romance?

Another thing to look for is where you’re going to end up on the shelf. Unless you’re going in with a specific author in mind, you’re going to be looking mid-shelf, eye level, hoping that something catches your eye before you’re forced to crouch uncomfortably on your knees for half an hour.

Where does your name fall in the shelving system? It’s probably best to avoid the As and the end of the shelves, like Ws and Ys. It might even be worth looking at authors you like, or authors you feel your work will be synonymous with and arranging your name to fit close by.

Sneaky? Perhaps, but I’m sure it’ll work.

But let’s not forget, at the end of the day, if it’s a quality product, it will do the work for you, but it’s always good to remember what you’re going into and to arm yourself accordingly.


Live Long and Prosper.



What do people think of spoofs? I don’t generally like them, unless they’re done well, but I suppose that’s kind of a redundant thing to say.

What I mean is, I don’t like over-the-top spoofs that deviate too far from subtle mimicry, or satire, and instead opt for the big slap-stick splashes.

There’s been a sudden increase of Spoofs recently: AVPM and it’s sequels, and School of Thrones, just to name a few. Considering the other popular spoof franchises, such as the Scary Movies, Disaster Movie, etc, these seem to offer something a little more dedicated to the fans. Sure, there’s mockery in what they’re doing, but there’s also affection and appreciation for the hard work that’s gone into these stories.

But, is this what people what to see and read? People complain about remakes in movies, and about sequel after sequel of the same old story, but these fan-made mick-takes seem to be thriving.

What do you reckon?

It’s something that I’ve considered doing, and very recently. I have a lot of ideas in the pipelines (or ‘Brain Babies’ as I like to call them), and this has been one of them. I don’t want to walk away from the more original work that I’ve begun, but I think it’ll be fun to take a little bit of a dig at the things that I genuinely like, because everything can be taken one way or another. Personally, if I ever become famous enough of a writer and a group of students like Darren Criss et al want to make a musical about my book, I’ll consider my job a success.

Live Long and Prosper.

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge…

Well, My Chemical Romance have called it quits.

If you’re like me, you’re taking a nostalgic trip to 2002, where you listened to “You Brought Me Your Bullets, I Brought You My Love” in your mostly black attire, feeling broody and wondering which member you fancied the most (er, c’mon guys, it was always gonna be Mikey).

It’s strange that things from my younger years seem to be throwing themselves into the forefront of today’s world. Blink’s split a few years back soon became Blink’s reunion, not to mention the reunion of B*Witched, Blue and several other (less pop-punk/screamo/emo) ‘bands’ from the good old days, have been talked about on the music scene in recent weeks.

It makes me wonder what’s happened to music. I haven’t found a new band to listen to for a couple of years. My most recent musical acquirements have been albums from bands that are already established, or are from movie and tv soundtracks, such as the Universal production of Les Mis and tv’s Nashville.

I’m sick of the pop, and of the terrible ‘gangster rap’ and the ‘r&b’ that hasn’t seen rhythm or blues in years. I don’t want break up songs from Taylor Swift, or pre-teen innuendo riddled anthems from One Direction. I want real people playing instruments to music that makes you want to throw shit against the wall, shake your hair and punch folk in the face. I want to get excited about seeing a band live, about knowing that the experience will surpass ever hearing them in your car on the radio.

I want to be emotionally round-house kicked by some music that resonates with me and that feels genuinely real.

Is that really such a big ask?

I mean, when they can give a guy from a Market Stall a shot at the charts for a song he wrote about the price of fish, why isn’t there actual, decent music making it in this world? Is that all we’ve been reduced to? One pound fish?


Live Long and Prosper.


Hi, I’m KT, and I’m a Procrastinator.

I think we’ve all been there, at one time or another, although some of us will revisit that moment over and over again. It’s the night before an assignment’s due, and we’ve been forgiving ourselves for not working all week because we’ve still got “plenty of time”. Then, suddenly we don’t and it’s full throttle into dragging 3,000 words out of the air.

Now that I’m out of university, my problems stem from my literary work. I want to be professional, as many writer’s do, but without a strict regime, I’m letting my work fall to the wayside. Sure, I’m working five or six days a week, but the point of writing is that I want it to eventually take over the work-a-day life I have. I can’t do that by neglecting the work.

So, I intend to write on a daily basis. I intend to be strict.

But haven’t I been here before? Haven’t we all? Every time a new deadline approaches: I will be better. And then we’re not…

I think I need to start putting work out in the open, because without any deadlines to work to, I’m getting nowhere. There needs to be a push, an external force.

So nag me, if you feel like it, I’m going to nag myself.

And maybe watch this space.


And, as always:

Live Long and Prosper.

Spoiler zone…

I’ve always been a bit of a spoiler zone. Not on purpose, of course, I just get so excited about information that I then have to immediately discuss them with someone.

I’ve managed to control this bad habit over the years. In so much as I am a spoiler zone, I hate spoiler zones. Especially those without fair warning.

So, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty disappointed that the ending to one of my favourite shows was completely ruined by the runners of the Facebook fan page.

Guys, you have a big responsibility to your fans, and by whacking up a picture with the plot twist in large letters across the front… yeah, not such a great idea, is it? I was literally an hour behind on watching the show – since I had to catch up on last week’s episode – and because of that, the end was ruined.

I lost all emotional connection, because I knew what was coming. The element of surprise was gone. I had no fear for the characters’ outcome, because I knew it would be okay.

If people ever do this to my writing, I am potentially going to be hauled in for murder.

I will strengthen my reserves and my will against becoming a future spoiler zone. I will become persistent in forcing people to hurry the fudge up and meet me at the place I’m at, because today really, really bummed me out.


Live Long and Prosper.

Street of Dreams

It isn’t Valentine’s day yet, but since it is coming up, I thought I would share one of my favorite blogs of all times. I only wish I  wrote it.

Share this with the girl in your life that reads. It is sure to make her smile.

Date a girl who reads


“Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes. She has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who has a list of books she wants to read, who has had a library card since she was twelve.

Find a girl who reads. You’ll know that she does because she will always have an unread book in her bag. She’s the one lovingly looking over the shelves in the bookstore, the one who quietly cries out when she finds the book she wants. You see…

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Fact or Fiction…?

I’ve been wracking my brains, trying to come up with something to post here that’s a work of fiction. So far, all I’ve written have been opinion based blogs that have occasionally touched on what I might do if I were to spread my wings a little.

I’m not going to lie, I have a little stage fright.

I’m sure most writers do, and it’s something that you need to get over. In fact, any artist must tremble at the thought of giving away such an intimate part of themselves. And for the first time, well, isn’t that the worst? I’m prepared to be judged, of course. I do that every time I set out to write these things, but when it’s something closer to professional… when it’s the things that I want to make my living from, it just feels monumentous.

I want everything to be perfect. Mood, setting, tone, character. It almost feels like taking you on a first date with my words. I need to light the candles, and cook the steak to that medium-well perfection (or rare, if that’s what you’re into) and pour the wine. I have to dress this up in exactly the right way: not too slutty, not too conservative. Just a hint of cleavage and a splash of thigh…

How do writers go through with this?


Live Long and Prosper.