A week in Londontown…


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Perhaps I’m just losing it a little, but it does feel like time moves differently in London. It’s a separate space, cut off from the rest of the world. It’s odd, but it doesn’t really feel like it’s a city within England. I’ve come from living in York, a city rich in its own heritage, to a place that’s being developed on all sides by many different influences. It’s a vastly throbbing mass of every culture you can think of.

There’s beauty here, somewhere.

I did the typical tourist things on my first real day off. I visited Westfield shopping centre and looked out over the Olympic stadium, which I do almost every day as I live out by its bright lights, and I took a tube to Leicester Square. I walked around the M&M World – I still believe it to be scandalous that there are no free samples to be had in a place that size – and then took a walk out to Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. 

If you like the quiet side to shopping, I’d advise to avoid these places at all costs. 

It’s nice just to walk around, though there is still some detachment from the place. It’s a vastly, huge, mindbogglingly big place and it’ll take some getting used to. 

My first week and a half of work has been steady. It’s hard to slot yourself into a place that already has a developed working ecosystem, but I’m fighting my way into the dynamic. I’m adapting, but evolution is a slow process, as you know.

The novel is also a slow process. After the move, I hit a few brick walls, but I’m staggering back onto the right path again. It seems to have changed since the last time I was here. I’m okay with that, though. A story should live and breathe and grow outside of my consciousness. I want it to take a life of it’s own. I don’t want to restrain it to my ideas. I suppose I just need some time out to actually sit down and do nothing but dedicate myself to the work. I’ll fill notebook upon notebook with information that may never see the light of page, and I’ll feel closer to the work and the characters and I’ll write. Well, that’s the dream.

As for the comic book… Well, I think it’s really starting to take off. I feel bad for being out of commission from the project for a little while, but it’s hard to start life in a strange city and work in a strange job whilst maintaining a hold on everything you started before you left. But, my rhythm is back and the Bad Science is badder than ever. Hit up all our social networks as advertised in the previous post.

We also have big news from the Bad Science front:

Keep your eyes to the skies on November 1st for their first adventure! You might also get some wicked-mad treats from us!

Until next time.

Live long and prosper.


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