Happy Launch Day!

Happy launch day, good citizens of Earth.

And I’m not merely celebrating the launch of November; no! Today is far more magnificent, far more splendiferously exciting than merely the start of the penultimate month of the year. Today marks the public presentation of Bad Science!

Yes, you read correctly! Today is Bad Science’s Lift Off Launch. You can find us all over the shop, in numerous social networking locations such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. However, if you want to read the wonderful words and feast your eyes upon some of the classiest space critters you’ll ever see, head on down to our website!

We have a few friendly faces for you to meet and greet, and we have a swell first story (I know that you think I have to say that, since I helped to write it, but it really is a feel good piece) for you to ingest.

We also have the opportunity for you to win yourself a FREE Bad Science t-shirt. It features Howard, sporting his favourite accessory – the Bacon Beard – and it’s FREE. What more could you ask for? All you have to do is circulate the Bad Science word: share posts, like our pages, retweet and you could find yourself the proud owner of your very own Bad Science merchandise. You’d be one of very few people in the world. So go for it, it only takes a minute!

It’s been a tough road for us Bad Scientists getting to this point, and I can say that we really do appreciate every second you spend looking over our work, and we do hope that you enjoy it. A little appreciation goes a long way in this world, believe me, and we’ll reward your dedication to Bad Science with our own. Keep your eyes to the skies, guys, for there will be much more Bad Science to follow!

Recently, myself and my fellow Bad Scientists took to the MCM Expo at London’s ExCel centre. There, we networked and gossiped with many of the artists who seem to be in our genre and we were handed some very wonderful advice (not to name drop, but some of the guys off of Simon’s Cat were very complimentary!). They were all incredibly positive of the work we’d done so far, and they were generous enough to point us on the right path for Bad Science’s future. We are all eager and committed Bad Scientists, and we hope that you are too. We have a great big love for the work we’ve put in, and the work we’ll continue to put in, and maybe some day we’ll be on the other side of the tables, offering advice to the some other fresh-faced comic bookers, and we’ll do the same for them.

Again, I cannot stress enough how wonderful it feels to have this Webcomic come to life, and I cannot wait to see how you guys react.

Remember: share, like, post, retweet, and love Bad Science.

Until next time.

Live Long and Prosper.


(P.S. I’d just like to throw down a quick ‘I hope you’re all safe and well’ to my friends and their families out fighting with Hurricane Sandy. She’s been a real tough nut, but I have faith that they’re good and well. Stay safe, East Coast. Bad Science loves you.)


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