First class…

I love first class travel. I love travel in general, but it’s always extra special when, for a few hours, you can actually release your cares and let someone else take care of the finer details. The perks, of course, are the free food and drinks you can get. Whilst waiting for my train, I was allowed access to the first class virgin train lounge, which came complete with complimentary cartons of Ribena. Now, I ask you, does life get any sweeter than that?

What I enjoy the most is that, for train travel in the UK, it doesn’t generally cost all that much more to travel first class. On the day, you can upgrade for around £15. I was lucky enough to snag my first class ticket for only 50p extra. Who’s complaining about this when, since having started typing, I’ve received two cans of Pepsi, a sandwich, some fruit and a packet of crisps? It’s the good life, my friends.

It has also set me up in a good mood. I’ve had a week off for my graduation, catching up with old friends and embracing my carefree university days (which I am aware only ended a few short months ago). It’s rather difficult to move from what almost feels like an old life back into new. I have been reminded of what I’ve left behind and I’m remembering what it is I return to. It’s strange to sit in the limbo between them, feeling the pull of each and knowing that I have to force myself into one direction. Living in London has literally taken me worlds apart from my Yorkshire university life and there is no reconciliation here. Travelling with a load of free snacks, free wireless Internet and a seat all to myself at least makes that knowledge a little easier to chew.

And I can think. I can think without someone blaring bad music from their headphones in close proximity; without children wailing because they’re bored or tired or because they just want to know the ‘why, why, why?’ of the world.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a great many things to think about, and once I have gathered a little more information about them, I’ll be making some pretty hefty decisions about my life – I think we were in agreement that nothing is set in stone – and luxury travel offers the best freedom to contemplate the next path I’ll tread.

All I know for certain is that nothing is set in stone, and nothing can escape change.

So if you’re feeling a little glum and maybe you have a day off, or a little cash to spare, hop on a first class train to somewhere new, or even somewhere old, and let the staff and the stomps here provide the rest.

Until next time.

Live Long and Prosper


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