I can only apologise…

Well, it’s been a while since I checked in with you guys. I’m sorry, really I am. Things have gone both bad and good recently, and I’ve found myself suckered into a whirlwind of activity and stoic disinterest. Really, the main factors are that I’ve either been extremely busy, or extremely ill. Work has been a lot of middle-shifts, which don’t really allow for creative breaks, and sickness has been a gut-wrenching virus that has left me bedridden for almost five days.

That doesn’t excuse my neglect, but… what can you do?

Positively, I’ve found myself on a writing burst. After developing an idea, I’ve started working proactively towards my first novel. I’ve done this several times before, always dropping interest or doubting and questioning every word that touches the page, but my beta-readers have been incredibly supportive and they’ve given me nothing but motivation towards completing this book. Even if it never gets published, I’m determined to accomplish the end result.

Besides, it’s going to feature dragons. Who wouldn’t want to read that bad boy?

If you’re lucky, and curious enough, and supportive enough, maybe I’ll share a sneak peak with you guys. But, as I said, I do need reasons to drop some literary bombs right now. I’m always cagey and doubtful about “serious” works.

On another positive note, I will be updating my first feature post tonight or tomorrow evening, completion pending. Everyone was so receptive of my first-class train ramblings, that I think subjecting you to more of my musings will be entertaining for all of us.

I hope everyone’s had a great Christmas and New Year, and I’m sorry again for such the heavy delay between submissions. Sometimes silence is golden, I suppose.

Keep your eyes peeled for my first feature.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosper!


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