All the good things happen…

Well, January and February have been exciting months so far. I’ve had some good news, and done some good things and I’m beyond excited by what’s been and what’s to come. Let’s work through January first.

Although I’ve hit a bump in the road with my writing, I have done some spectacular things. Empowered by a dream, and egged on by my younger cousin, I have booked a year out of the country. Now, this isn’t as spontaneous and unpredictable as it seems. I have been looking at travelling the world since I graduated University last year, but it’s really one thing to talk about something, and another to sit down and do it.

I walked into the travel agents with my cousin, trying to keep my business head on. I asked all the right questions, ticked all the appropriate boxes, and braced myself to say ‘that’s great, thanks, I just want to check everything at home aligns, and then I’ll be back to book.’ Instead, I found myself pulling out my bank card and signing away the better part of £1500 to ensure that my future was set. On the 17th of November, I’ll be flying out to Auckland, New Zealand, where I’ll spend six months exploring every inch of the North and South Islands, before hopping another plane to Sydney, Australia.

I came out of the store buzzing with excitement. Even now, I’m still jittery when I think of everything that will happen come November 17th. It’s as though I’m alive with an electric current, or that there’s a thousand little critters running through my veins. My heart feels light, as though it isn’t properly tethered to my insides anymore, and it leaves me a little breathless.

Thousands of people have made this trip before, and I will not be the last adventurer to embark on this kind of adventure, but this is my adventure, and my life will never be the same because of it.

Really, the rest of my news seems kind of insubstantial to that, except for the fact that the mother fucking RAVENS won the mother fucking SUPER BOWL. But then, we’ve only been in February for 7 days, so it still has a lot of potential left.

People generally don’t know that I’m a Football fan. Generally, I don’t watch sports at all. There are really only two exceptions to the rule, and that’s the NFL and Rugby Union. I support the Baltimore Ravens, mostly through a joke. My friend and I were watching a game a few years ago, and she was explaining the rules of Football to me. She supported the Cincinnati Bengals who were, at the time, playing the Baltimore Ravens. So, because I’m a joker like that, I picked the Ravens to support because it went against her. After that, I felt I’d made a connection with the team, some kind of lifelong investment, so I took to following them, and keeping on top of their games. I’ve never been prouder of a spontaneous sports choice as when, in the wee hours of Monday morning (GMT), the Super Bowl was championed by my boys in purple.

Flacco was on FIRE, and Jacoby Jones’ 108 yard run was nothing short of phenomenal and although the power cut almost stole their thunder, Ray Lewis was able to bow out on a humongous high. I was jumping around like a jack rabbit, uncaring of my poor roommates sleeping in the floor above, because, as a Scottish person, my team never wins.

And from this glorious victory, comes another. Like I said, my writing took a hit through January, but there’s nothing more inspiring than watching a win like that of the Ravens, or by considering the high-flying future that’s in front of you.

I’m excited to be back at the drawing board – the writing board? – and I can’t wait to develop more ideas. I was considering even producing a couple of shorts, maybe to get a feel for my words out and about, but we’ll see.

If you have any interests, or ideas, tweet me, or comment or email me at I’ll be more than happy to chat!


Until next time.

Live Long and Prosper.



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