Anything can happen in the next twenty-four hours…

It feels like it’s been a while. I suppose it kind of has, considering the speeds of my most recent posts. I try my bet to be as frequent as possible, but it’s not always ideal. I work strange hours, and long hours. They tire me out, but that won’t be for much longer. At least, I suppose not. As the title suggests, there’s still a shroud of uncertainty surrounding my current affairs. It’s a lot clearer than it was a year ago.

I can say that I’ll be leaving London at the end of March. Maybe there’s a part of me that’s sad about that, but I don’t really think it is. See, I will miss things about London. I’ll miss my housemate, and I’ll miss being so close to my cousin. I’ll miss a lot of the people I’ve met here. Well, some of them. Otherwise, I’m just glad to be going home.

I haven’t lived there for four years. That seems like such an astoundingly long and short amount of time all at once. And whilst I haven’t missed living in the same house as my parents during this time, I have missed being in the bosom of my family. I miss being able to call my mum and know that, within fifteen minutes, I can be with her. I miss being surrounded by animals. I miss driving around streets that I know like the back of my hand. I miss my friends.

I have a new job. I may have the same job as I have now, just in a different location. That’s the part that’s up in the air. Job security is a big worry, and it’s never worth leaving a job before you have a new one. My stress levels have reduced dramatically, and it has actually made me feel a little better about where I am just now. Having an end in sight to this London living has erased a huge cloud of worry.

The thing is, a lot of this happened very suddenly. It was as though I’d been waiting for weeks to hear anything about anything, and then suddenly we had a moving date and I had a job proposition and now there’s just a few short weeks until I’m hitting the next curve in my life’s path. I guess that’s the best part of life, and sometimes the worst. You can’t see the woods for the trees sometimes, and then… Bam! You’re suddenly in a clearing and everything all makes sense. I believe that life is a journey, a series of choices that you shouldn’t regret unless you chose not to act at all. I’ll never regret taking this job, or trying out London. It’s made me realise a lot of things about myself, and I can work to overcome my shortcomings by building on what has been founded here. After all, I’ll be living in a new country soon enough. Once you’ve lived in London, you can pretty much prepare for anywhere.

Anything can really happen at any moment, and you shouldn’t try to over prepare for every eventuality. Having contingency plans and having ideas will never be a bad thing, but having resilience and adaptability will always be more important. You can’t know what’s around every corner. No one can possible know that. Don’t be afraid when things don’t turn out exactly as you hoped they would.

Until next time!

Live Long and Prosper.


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