Spoiler zone…

I’ve always been a bit of a spoiler zone. Not on purpose, of course, I just get so excited about information that I then have to immediately discuss them with someone.

I’ve managed to control this bad habit over the years. In so much as I am a spoiler zone, I hate spoiler zones. Especially those without fair warning.

So, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty disappointed that the ending to one of my favourite shows was completely ruined by the runners of the Facebook fan page.

Guys, you have a big responsibility to your fans, and by whacking up a picture with the plot twist in large letters across the front… yeah, not such a great idea, is it? I was literally an hour behind on watching the show – since I had to catch up on last week’s episode – and because of that, the end was ruined.

I lost all emotional connection, because I knew what was coming. The element of surprise was gone. I had no fear for the characters’ outcome, because I knew it would be okay.

If people ever do this to my writing, I am potentially going to be hauled in for murder.

I will strengthen my reserves and my will against becoming a future spoiler zone. I will become persistent in forcing people to hurry the fudge up and meet me at the place I’m at, because today really, really bummed me out.


Live Long and Prosper.


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