Hi, I’m KT, and I’m a Procrastinator.

I think we’ve all been there, at one time or another, although some of us will revisit that moment over and over again. It’s the night before an assignment’s due, and we’ve been forgiving ourselves for not working all week because we’ve still got “plenty of time”. Then, suddenly we don’t and it’s full throttle into dragging 3,000 words out of the air.

Now that I’m out of university, my problems stem from my literary work. I want to be professional, as many writer’s do, but without a strict regime, I’m letting my work fall to the wayside. Sure, I’m working five or six days a week, but the point of writing is that I want it to eventually take over the work-a-day life I have. I can’t do that by neglecting the work.

So, I intend to write on a daily basis. I intend to be strict.

But haven’t I been here before? Haven’t we all? Every time a new deadline approaches: I will be better. And then we’re not…

I think I need to start putting work out in the open, because without any deadlines to work to, I’m getting nowhere. There needs to be a push, an external force.

So nag me, if you feel like it, I’m going to nag myself.

And maybe watch this space.


And, as always:

Live Long and Prosper.


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