Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge…

Well, My Chemical Romance have called it quits.

If you’re like me, you’re taking a nostalgic trip to 2002, where you listened to “You Brought Me Your Bullets, I Brought You My Love” in your mostly black attire, feeling broody and wondering which member you fancied the most (er, c’mon guys, it was always gonna be Mikey).

It’s strange that things from my younger years seem to be throwing themselves into the forefront of today’s world. Blink’s split a few years back soon became Blink’s reunion, not to mention the reunion of B*Witched, Blue and several other (less pop-punk/screamo/emo) ‘bands’ from the good old days, have been talked about on the music scene in recent weeks.

It makes me wonder what’s happened to music. I haven’t found a new band to listen to for a couple of years. My most recent musical acquirements have been albums from bands that are already established, or are from movie and tv soundtracks, such as the Universal production of Les Mis and tv’s Nashville.

I’m sick of the pop, and of the terrible ‘gangster rap’ and the ‘r&b’ that hasn’t seen rhythm or blues in years. I don’t want break up songs from Taylor Swift, or pre-teen innuendo riddled anthems from One Direction. I want real people playing instruments to music that makes you want to throw shit against the wall, shake your hair and punch folk in the face. I want to get excited about seeing a band live, about knowing that the experience will surpass ever hearing them in your car on the radio.

I want to be emotionally round-house kicked by some music that resonates with me and that feels genuinely real.

Is that really such a big ask?

I mean, when they can give a guy from a Market Stall a shot at the charts for a song he wrote about the price of fish, why isn’t there actual, decent music making it in this world? Is that all we’ve been reduced to? One pound fish?


Live Long and Prosper.


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