What do people think of spoofs? I don’t generally like them, unless they’re done well, but I suppose that’s kind of a redundant thing to say.

What I mean is, I don’t like over-the-top spoofs that deviate too far from subtle mimicry, or satire, and instead opt for the big slap-stick splashes.

There’s been a sudden increase of Spoofs recently: AVPM and it’s sequels, and School of Thrones, just to name a few. Considering the other popular spoof franchises, such as the Scary Movies, Disaster Movie, etc, these seem to offer something a little more dedicated to the fans. Sure, there’s mockery in what they’re doing, but there’s also affection and appreciation for the hard work that’s gone into these stories.

But, is this what people what to see and read? People complain about remakes in movies, and about sequel after sequel of the same old story, but these fan-made mick-takes seem to be thriving.

What do you reckon?

It’s something that I’ve considered doing, and very recently. I have a lot of ideas in the pipelines (or ‘Brain Babies’ as I like to call them), and this has been one of them. I don’t want to walk away from the more original work that I’ve begun, but I think it’ll be fun to take a little bit of a dig at the things that I genuinely like, because everything can be taken one way or another. Personally, if I ever become famous enough of a writer and a group of students like Darren Criss et al want to make a musical about my book, I’ll consider my job a success.

Live Long and Prosper.


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